Foundational Fundraising: Introduction to Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are targeted fundraising efforts that take place over a set period of time and enable organizations to raise a large amount of funding necessary for growth. Done effectively, capital campaigns can be one of the most impactful methods to help your organization’s growth and raise money for concrete projects such as new construction, building renovations, equipment or endowment funds.

Join this virtual panel discussion of local leaders who have recently run campaigns at their organizations and learn their tips and tricks for success! The discussion will cover:

  • How capital campaigns are unique from other fundraising efforts
  • How to plan a capital campaign and what to consider prior to running your campaign
  • Key steps involved in setting a campaign goal
  • Who to involve in your capital campaign and how to assemble a capital campaign committee
  • Common phases and benchmarks of successful capital campaigns
  • Biggest mistakes nonprofits make when contemplating capital campaigns and how to avoid them

This free virtual session will explain the basics of capital campaign fundraising and is ideal for nonprofit executives, fundraising professionals, and board members.