2015 Gloria Valenti Compassionate Care Award Nominations Open Until September 1

Most people agree that the very best healthcare experiences are delivered by healthcare workers who are both technically skilled and compassionate in their treatment of patients. If you or someone close to you has experienced exemplary care, you know it and remember it.

The Gloria Valenti Compassionate Care Award was established in honor of Gloria Valenti, RN & President, Diversified Healthcare Services by Professor Martin Wagner in response to the extraordinary care he received during the late years of his life from a dedicated team of caregivers who focused on providing exceptional care and “the healing touch” of compassionate care. The goal of the award is to recognize any healthcare professional who has consistently demonstrated both exemplary performance and compassion in dealing with patients, families and coworkers.

Any healthcare worker—doctor, nurse, aide, technician, therapist, CNA, EMT, mental health worker, anyone—who treats patients of any age and who consistently demonstrates both high technical skill and sincere compassion in the care of patients, families and team members may be nominated.