As a donor and investor in our community’s future, you are assured of these benefits:


Contributions are invested for long-term growth, as well as income, to ensure that your gift will continue to give now and long into the future. The principal remains intact and grows to provide more income over the years.


As a donor, you may choose to contribute to an already existing fund or to establish your own fund. You may choose the name of your fund and establish its philanthropic purpose.

Tax Benefits

All gifts made to the Community Foundation qualify for the maximum deductibility for income, gift or estate tax purposes.


Donors have many options available to them in making contributions, e.g., gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, life insurance, trusts or bequests.

Public Accountability

The Foundation employs professional accounting services to prepare and file income tax returns, conduct annual audits and develop quarterly compilations to recap all account activity for each fund. The Foundation prepares an annual report which summarizes all activities. Annual reports, audits and IRS 990 forms are available to interested parties upon request.


As a donor to the Community Foundation, you become a participant in the good work going on throughout east central Illinois. You can easily and effectively support the groups and issues you care about. You can develop a giving strategy that meets your particular needs. You can give a variety of assets that will benefit a variety of causes and organizations. You can give now or later as part of your estate plan. You get to make a difference in the lives of people in our area and that impact will last forever.