How much money do you want to leave your posterity?
Do you have the desire to better your community?
If you could leave more of your wealth to your family and continue to support the charities you care about most, would you be interested?

Some of the greatest opportunities to make significant charitable contributions occur just when a client is making other major life decisions. Some of the special circumstances in which “planned giving” can benefit both the community and the donor’s heirs are:

  • Writing or revising a will
  • Contemplating the sale of a business or other major asset
  • Planning for retirement
  • Having received a financial windfall

In each of these situations, planned giving represents an opportunity to achieve important business or personal goals while gaining the satisfaction of helping the community.

The flexibility of the Community Foundation can mean a lot to your client. Whatever the charitable wish—to house the homeless, support education or the arts, clean up a neighborhood park, or participate in a broad revitalization initiative—we can be of real service.

Your client can choose one or a combination of our basic types of funds to create a customized plan for fulfilling a philanthropic dream, all the while helping the donor achieve maximum tax benefits.