Grant Opportunities

Community Foundation Granting Opportunities

Since its inception in 1972, the Community Foundation’s assets have grown from $1,300 to nearly $27 million. This growth in well-managed endowed funds and other assets, along with administering grant dollars on behalf of the Marajen Stevick Foundation and in cooperation with the Lumpkin Foundation, has enabled us to make $1 million distributions annually for several years to nonprofit organizations in east central Illinois.

As the size of our available granting dollars has grown, our granting strategy has evolved to reflect our commitment to using our donors’ dollars wisely to make sustainable differences in our area. We believe that the combination of grants we offer serve as tools that will yield measurable and lasting results from our investment in impact.

Annual Community Commitment Grants

Endowed funds from donors who leave a legacy for the future are the source of ongoing funding for this annual grant application cycle. Applications and guidelines are available on August 1, and completed applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm, August 31.  CLICK HERE to see guidelines and requirements.

Link to Application – 2022 Community Commitment Grant Application

2021 grant recipients, Click here.
2020 grant recipients, Click here.
2019 grant recipients, Click here.

Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants – NEW

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, CFECI will be awarding $50,000 in grants to strengthen the nonprofit sector as part of its vision of raising the quality of life throughout the region it serves.

This grant program focuses on projects that improve capacity in an identified area of organizational operations, including (but not limited to): communications; data management; diversity, equity and inclusion; financial management; fundraising; governance; leadership; mission and strategy; program delivery; and program evaluation. Applications for Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants will be accepted starting September 1 and the application deadline will close September 30, 2022. CLICK HERE to see guidelines and requirements

Link to Application – 2022 Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant Application – Preview Application PDF here

Collective Impact Grants

The Community Foundation of East Central Illinois is committed to making life better for the residents of our area. We understand that we can make it better through partnerships and by supporting collaborations and the resulting creativity those collaborations engender. The Collective Impact Grants are intended to use community resources more efficiently and to serve as a model for nonprofits working together to create greater good for the community.

Through funding provided by the Community Foundation’s W. Barclay and Frederick C. Brasch Endowment, the initial Collective Impact Grants will address the needs of senior citizens. To begin the application process, the Community Foundation will issue a call for Concept Papers to organizations providing services to seniors. The Concept Paper must have at least three partners to leverage strengths of Collective Impact.

Community Foundation Marajen Stevick Foundation Grants

Organizations that provide services in the areas of enhancing the lives of seniors, beautification of Champaign-Urbana and the surrounding area, and promoting excellence in reading and writing will be invited to provide a Letter of Intent (LOI). Based on these program ideas, the Community Foundation will request a complete application. The call for LOIs is typically issued once a year.

Program Related Investments

Intended to bridge the gap between state funding and organizational expenses and other exceptional expenses, nonprofit organizations in east central Illinois are encouraged to consider this option. Application materials are available below.

Advance Memorandum.doc
Loan Agreement.doc
Promissory Note.doc