Become A Philanthropist


Educate. Collaborate. Celebrate.

 Aspiring Philanthropists. A Giving Circle.


The Community Foundation of East Central Illinois established the Aspiring Philanthropists Giving Circle as a part of its mission to encourage and celebrate all types of philanthropy. A giving circle is a group that uses the power of pooling donations to make intentional grants to nonprofit organizations focused on solving issues important to the group.

 What will Aspiring Philanthropists Do?

The group will experience the entire granting process and will award its own grant to a nonprofit organization of their selection. From October to May, the group will meet four times. In May, the group will announce and present their grant at the Community Foundation’s Hearts of Gold Gala.

Each meeting will focus on learning, group decision-making and socializing. Our goal is for each member of the group to find the process interesting, satisfying and fun—and to know they made a difference.

 How Can I Join Aspiring Philanthropists?

There is a required $250 donation. Those donations will be pooled to form the available grant dollars. The amount can be paid at once or in increments over the next year. Contact Vice President of Development, Angie Hatfield Marker, by phone (217) 359-0125 or by e-mail at for more information.