CU Sings Volume 2

Thionville and Urbana Artists Release Their Version of Let it Be

On November 12th 1944 Thionville was liberated by the Third American Army led by General Patton. Kermit Harden, Urbana GI, was among the US soldiers involved in the liberation.  This production is dedicated to Kermit Harden.

CU Sings:

Building upon the successful release of CU Sings Volume 1, Urbana reached out to executive producer James Barham about an international version and he quickly agreed. (You can read more about how the concept came to James on an Easter bike ride in the attachments.) French and American artists joined talents and remixed the legendary Beatles song Let It Be.

The result is beyond expectations. Nearly 50 musicians and singers of all ages, styles and origins participated in the project under the co-leadership of Pierre Ananicz and James Barham. Mr. Ananicz is thankful for this “beautiful moment and beautiful video.” He said Madame Weber, chief of the Thionville Mayor’s Office was most accurate when she wrote:

In this sanitary context and with the distance which separates us, we’ve made together a pure moment of magic. Thank you.

Mayor Diane Marlin commented:

Over the past year, the world has suffered from the COVID-19  pandemic. We  now share  renewed optimism and hope as vaccines become available. Music is the universal language and it can help us heal. We’re honored to share this song with our Sister City, Thionville, and look forward to continued collaboration between our communities.

The Refugee Center

Just as the CU Sings was a fundraiser, this international version hopes to raise funds to support The Refugee Center. Mayor Marlin noted the importance of The Refugee  Center’s work saying:

The work of The Refuge Center is more important than ever. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, they  have generously supported the pressing needs of the vulnerable and often-times marginalized members of our local area. Through continued donations, we can care for those who are in need of social and financial assistance, and help ensure that our resilient community is a better one for all its members.


 Un grand merci à / Special Thanks to :

James Barham – Executive Producer.  James Treichler Engineer- Wave Upon Wave.

In Order of Appearance:

0:59​ – Rémi Encelle (piano)


1:05​ – Fabien Miua 1:08​

Rob Krum 1:12​

Guillaume Vosgien 1:19

Candy Foster 1:22​

Raphael Vitrano 1:26​

Brandon T. Washington 1:32​

Andy Abranrantes 1:36​

Fabien Fritsch 1:40​

Sam Payne 1:46​

Cédric Vosgien 1:51​

Ayla McDonald 1:55​

Marie Helene Caroff 2:00​

Patch Adams & Susan Parenti 2:07​

Claire Cugnart 2:13​

Bob Pearse 2:17​

Gabriel Lalegge 2:20​

Emily Blue 2:27​

Yakou 2:30​

Alexandra Choisnest 2:34​

Maddie Brown  2:49​

Paul Kotheimer (organ) 2:55​

Olivier Karim (drums) Soloists: 3:01​

Kevin Roy 3:05​

Anthony Mura 3:08​

Quentin Zeimeth 3:11​

Thomas Lalore 3:14​

Franck Aubert 3:18​

Alain Hombourger 3:22​

Pierre Ananicz 3:27​

Hannah Scalise 3:31​

Maggie Ward 3:34​

Lucia Cogliandro 3:41​

 Kate Levy & Wendy Hundley 3:44​

Julie Salana 3:48

Mallory Simonds 3:55​

Zilber Karevski 3:58​

Raeann Dossett 4:02​

Pascale Adrian 4:08​

Scott Schwartz 4:12​

Thierry Hummel 4:15​

Dawn Clark 4:22​

Evelyn Underwood 4:25​

William Bur 4:30​

Chloé Gobbo 4:36​

Léandre Ananicz 4:39​

Johanna Red 4:43​

 Dawna Nelson


Drum :

Olivier Karim, Bass

Christopher Fuentes

Bongo : Mickael Sanso,


Rémi Encelle

Ten Minutes Left: French band

(Kev, Flo, Gauthier et Val)

Contact: Carol Timms, 217.841.2489