Exemplary Healthcare Professional to be Named 2014 Gloria Valenti Compassionate Care Awardee


The Gloria Valenti Compassionate Care Award was established in honor of Gloria Valenti, RN & President, Diversified Healthcare Services, and a leading healthcare professional in east central Illinois.

This award was established through a bequest from Professor Martin Wagner, nationally recognized expert in labor relations who understood the importance of recognizing exemplary performance of workers in all fields. Due to the extraordinary and compassionate care he received in the last years of his life, he chose to honor those in the health care profession.

The goal of the award is to recognize healthcare professionals who have consistently demonstrated both exemplary performance and compassion to their patients, families and coworkers.

  • Appropriate candidates for recognition will have:

Demonstrated recognition of the primacy of care and compassion in all interactions with patients, their families and coworkers;

Skill in communicating important information, in listening attentively and in responding in a timely and clear manner;

Demonstrated capacity to provide the best of professional care in a manner that generates hope and a sense of support;

A consistent history of treating patients and their families in a way that preserves their dignity, privacy and self-respect and that inspires trust.

The Community Foundation of East Central Illinois holds and manages the endowed fund to support this award and related programs.