Anna Merritt

When I became Board Chair of the Community Foundation, our CEO at the time, Joan Dixon, and I agreed that the by-laws needed a thorough going-over, which we did — for many, many weeks — at Wines at the Pines! Those bylaws may not have survived the test of time but the friendship we developed then will last forever.

When my term on the Board of Trustees ended, I decided the experience had been so important to me personally and the Foundation’s work was so important to the community that I needed to do something to make a long-term impact. I established an “undesignated” endowment fund. This type of fund supports the Foundation’s annual Community Commitment Grants. These are grants reviewed by a committee of Foundation volunteers and awarded to local nonprofits for durable goods. My fund will support these organizations and their greatest needs, forever.

Many years ago, a wise and very successful fundraiser told me that allowing my name to be used publicly for a donation I had made might lead others to do the same since it was clear that I am not from a wealthy family. I decided that a fund in my name would serve both purposes; I hope it has.



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